JJ Assessors


At JJ ASSESSORS we are proud to offer management consultancy services and attend to client needs and queries with regards to different business situations. The department provides comprehensive services to clients in business and private sectors and is divided up into the following sections:


The fiscal consultancy is made up of a team of professionals and experts with over 10 years experience in the sector. We put our experience at the service of companies and professionals looking to find solutions to fiscal problems arising from changing legal frameworks and economic environments.

The fiscal consultancy relies on highly qualified professionals to attend to client needs in accordance with revenues and different tax situations.

The fiscal planning of businesses is the fundamental objective of this area offering clients the best fiscal alternatives available for the development of their business or professional activities which may entail the rationalisation and reduction of tributary charges as well as the continuous adapting to current legal norms.

The security of good management in fiscal areas contributes to increasing a company’s value and reduces fiscal risks which are always difficult to evaluate.

Our business philosophy is based on offering clients personalised attention, an efficient manner and competent, professional assistance. We insist on respecting at all times the confidentiality of personal and financial data.

A fiscal consultancy offers its clients the opportunity to improve and develop their business activity in a manner fitting to the current economic environment.

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